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Average Care Home Fees Covered

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Average Care Home Fees Covered

Average Care Home Fees and How You Can Avoid Paying Them

Average care home fees have been recently quoted as being in excess of £800 per week. This amounts to £41,000 each year and is a huge amount of money for most individuals or families to pay out. If you are struggling to make these payments or you are facing arranging a care home stay for a loved one soon, we may be able to help. At Continuing Healthcare Direct, we offer professional and experienced assistance with every aspect of continuing healthcare and helping our clients to secure funding for the average care home fees they are currently paying. If the primary need of your loved one is a care need, we are confident we can help you.

Family homes across the UK are being sold in order to fund care home and nursing home fees. Increasingly, people are also using up their savings in order to pay these costs. We are here to tell you that we may be able to secure funding so that you no longer have to provide this funding yourself. Why should you sell your home or use up your life savings if you don’t have to? You may not be sure whether you’re loved one’s need is primarily a health one, and this is where we can help. We have assisted thousands of people across the UK with their continuing healthcare assessment, helping them to secure NHS funding and also claim back costs they have already paid out.

Are You Shocked By Average Care Home Fees? They Will Continue To Rise

As with many things in life, the average care home fees you are currently paying are sure to rise over the years. Can you really afford to go on paying these costs? What if we told you that the NHS may be liable to foot the bill for 100% of the costs you are already paying? In many, many cases we have helped our customers to avoid these charges, freeing up their money to save as inheritance or to enjoy during later life.

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