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Average Care Home Costs

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Average Care Home Costs

An Increase In The Average Care Home Costs Is Upon Us


Calculate the average care home costs in your area with the BBC support tool. Simply enter your postcode, and you will receive information regarding the social care system for those who are aged 65 or above. 

Am I Eligible For Help With Care Home Costs?

The average care home costs and care costs vary dependent on an individual’s location, although there is funding available. You could be eligible to receive Continuing Healthcare funding, which is funded solely by the National Health Service, and funding care homes for those eligible is the NHS obligation. As a UK resident, aged 18 and or above who have a primary health requirement you could be entitled to receive funding to cover 100% of your care needs, whether that is in a home, a hospice or even your own home, funding is based solely on an individual’s health requirements.


Retrospective Recovery


We can also recover care fees that you have already paid for your care. Recovering care costs may be daunting, although we have helped individuals who have been eligible for retrospective recovery across the UK.


If you believe that a relative of yours who has now died was wrongly paying for care fees, a retrospective review may be a possibility. These claims may arise if an individual was not assessed for Continuing Healthcare funding or if a review assessment was missed which means you could receive funding to cover all of your care costs and not just the average cost of care homes. You can contact a member of the Continuing Healthcare Direct department today on 0844 248 3254 to find out if you or a loved one may have been eligible for funding.