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Avoid paying assisted living cost

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Avoid Paying Assisted Living Cost

Are You Paying Assisted Living Costs That You Shouldn’t Be?

If you are paying assisted living costs for a loved one or using their savings or other assets to pay for this care, you may be interested to know about the Continuing Healthcare funding offered by the NHS. If the primary need of your loved one is a health need, you could be eligible to this funding without realising it. Thousands of people across the country have been unaware of this funding, or have been wrongly denied it following the often complex assessment process.

Here at Continuing Healthcare Direct, we offer all the information and assistance you may need when going through the assessment process. Whether you have only just heard of the funding or you have been denied in the past and you believe you are eligible, we can help. We take care of the process for you so that you can get on with caring for your loved one without worrying about dealing with the NHS yourself. Our initial assessment is easy to understand and we can help you with the finer details of the formal assessment process. Unlike many other funding schemes, assisted living costs under the Continuing Healthcare scheme are not means tested.

Is The Primary Need A Health Need?

The first question to ask yourself when thinking about your eligibility for funding for assisted living costs is whether the primary need of your relative or loved one is a health need. This isn’t always an obvious question to answer and there are a number of assessments you may need to go through in order to determine whether this is the case. Our funding experts are here to help and can give you all the assistance you need during the application and assessment process.

Are You Eligible For Assisted Living Costs Funding?

Every year, thousands of family homes are sold to fund assisted living costs for the elderly. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. NHS Continuing Healthcare could help you to preserve these assets so that they can be left for family members in the future. After all, your loved one has worked hard for these assets and should be entitled to funding to assist with their care if they are eligible.

We are here to make sense of the jargon and the assessment process and we would be delighted to tell you more about having your assisted living costs paid. This will help you to free up your own finances for other things rather than worrying about meeting what can often be very expensive assisted living fees.

Our Funding Experts Are Here To Assist – Complete Your Assessment Today

Don’t pay assisted living costs if you don’t have to. You could be eligible to have 100% of these fees paid for you and to recover the costs that you have already paid. If the primary need is a care need, you have a very good chance of being eligible for Continued Healthcare funding. Why not speak to our team of experts today to find out more about the scheme and how we can help with the assessment process. Call us today or fill out our online assessment form.