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About Continuing Healthcare Direct

Continuing Healthcare Direct are specialists in securing NHS Continuing Healthcare funding and recovering care costs. You can complete our short online survey here to see if you qualify.

Funding Specialists

We have a team of funding and medical specialists who can help secure your funding

Great Success Rates

Thousands of people have secured funding for care costs. Secure yours now!

NHS Funding

NHS funding can cover 100% of care costs with Continuing Healthcare funding!

Care & Support

We know this can be a difficult time, our friendly funding specialists will support you through the process

The health and well-being of our loved ones is paramount and we understand that our clients can be experiencing difficult times. Sometimes the stress of care fees can make life hard but we take pride in supporting all of our customers through the Continuing Healthcare process and secure funding which can cover up to 100% of care costs.

Assisting clients across England and Wales, our high success rate in securing NHS Continuing Healthcare funding covers both retrospective claims and securing funding from day one. Our trusted funding and medical specialists manage each of our clients on a case by case basis giving personal support throughout the funding process.

Contact the funding and medical specialists at Continuing Healthcare Direct today as you may be eligible for funding.

With Continuing Healthcare Direct securing and recovering funding for care costs couldn’t be easier. Just complete our short online survey to see if you quality or call one of our friendly funding experts on 0800 049 2062 today.

Step One
FREE Appraisal

 – Initial case investigation
– Review and recommendation
– Free independent advice

Step Two
LOW Cost Assessment

 – Comprehensive funding specialist interview
– Completion of needs assessment
– No commitment

Step Three
EASY Application

 – Align legal affairs
– Analyse medical situation
– Submit and manage accurate application

Step Four

 – Audit process and recommendations
– Handle objections and reassess the individual
– Prepare and present appeal to overturn unjust decisions

Step Five

 – Liaison throughout appeal process
– Attendance at hearings
– Presents your case
– Your voice will be heard

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